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Austria-Hungary. Bravery Medal, in Silver, 1st Class, Franz Joseph I, 2nd awarding

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Franz Joseph I, Silberne Tapferkeitsmedaille I. Klasse, 1914-1916, mit Wiederholungsspange

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Silberne Tapferkeitsmedaille I. Klasse, mit Wiederholungsspange – Silver Bravery Medal 1st Class, with Repeat-Clasp

Version with portrait of Emperor Franz Joseph I, type awarded 1914-1916. So called “big silver medal”, diameter 40 mm. Under portrait signed with punchcutter’s (medallist) name: Leisek. Control stamp “A” on the rim (Hauptmünzamt Wien – Vienna Mint).

On the ribbon Wiederholungsspange (repeat clasp) for the 2nd awarding of the same class. Nice old clasp, with manufacturer’s mark Zimbler.

Silver with great patina, very nice light worn condition, on original old ribbon with clasp.