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Austria-Hungary. Marian Cross of the Teutonic Order, by C.F. Rothe

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Marianerkreuz des Deutschen Ritterordens

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Marianerkreuz des Deutschen Ritterordens – Marian Cross of the Teutonic Order

Award instituted in 1871 by the Grandmaster of the Teutonic Order, Archduke Wilhelm Franz Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen. Awarded until 1918 to noble secular Christian persons for the welfare, hospital activity and war-time nursing. Breast decoration, also called 2nd class.

On the eyelet silver hallmark (Diane’s head) as well as control stamp A (Hauptmünzamt Wien) and the maker’s mark FR for the manufacturer C.F. Rothe & Neffe, Wien.

Silver enamelled. Very fine condition, but tiny enamel damages at the inscription of the front medallion and a small chip at the number “1” on the rear medallion. Black and white enamel on crossarms on both sides intact and excellent preserved. Corss on the old triangle ribbon.