Long Service Crosses

Austria-Hungary. Military Long Service Cross. 1st issue 1849-1867, for 16 years

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Militärdienstzeichen für Unteroffiziere u. Mannschaften, 1. Ausgabe 1849-1867, Kreuz 2. Klasse für 16 Dienstjahre

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Militärdienstzeichen für Unteroffiziere u. Mannschaften – Military Long Service Decoration for NCOs & Enlisted Men

Instituted by the Emperor Franz Josef I in 1849 in two versions: for officers and for NCOs & Enlisted Ranks. Awarded until 1918, but meanwhile there were several changes of classes and service periods. Cross for NCOs & Enlisted Ranks existed in four issues: 1849-1867, 1867-1890, 1890-1913 and 1913-1918. There are also numerous manufacturing variants, which differ by material, details and design.

1. Ausgabe 1849-1867, Kreuz 1. Klasse für 8 Dienstjahre – 1st issue 1849-1867, 2nd Class Cross for 168 Years of Service

Gilded bronze, medaillon with laurel wreath, separatly mounted, ball loop, flat back.

Very nice condition, on the old triangle ribbon.