War Cross for Civil Merits

Austria-Hungary. War Cross for Civil Merits 2nd Class, marked FR, in original case

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Kriegskreuz für Zivilverdienste II. Klasse, Hst. HS, im Originaletui

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Kriegskreuz für Zivilverdienste II. Klasse – War Cross for Civil Merits 2nd Class

Established on 4.2.1916 by the Emperor Franz Joseph I. (last decoration instituted by His Majesty). Awarded to persons who were not directly involved in the fight, but have rendered outstanding services to the state in wartime.

Back mark FR (Friedrich Rothe & Neffe, Wien),.silver content mark and control stamp A (Hauptmünzamt Wien = Vienna Mint).

In original old award case, box in outstandung condition.

Silver, gilt and partially enameled, Very nice condition, intact enamel without defects.pinset complete and working.