China Denkmünze – China Campaign Medal 1901 (for combatants)

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China Denkmünze (für Kämpfer) 1901

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China Denkmünze (für Kämpfer) 1901 – China Campaign Medal 1901 (for combatants)

Reference: OEK 3150

Instututed on 10.5.1918 by Emperor Wilhelm II. for the German participants (of army and navy) of the China Expedition 1900-1901 during the so called Boxer Rebellion. Also a non-combatant version of steel exists.

China medal was designed by the Emperor and realized by famous sculptor and medalist, professor Walter Schott from Berlin. Manufacturer was Meyer & Wilhelm, Stuttgart. About 40.000 medals for combatants were awarded.

Gilded bronze, very nice preserved original, on the old ribbon.