Iron Cross 1914

EK2 Document to the Iron Cross for an U-boat seaman

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Iron Cross document for radiooperator of U90 U-boat

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Bescheinigung – award attestation of Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse (Iron Corss 2nd Class) for F.T.-Obergasten (radiooperator) on U90 ship from the Unterseebootsdivision in Kiel. Printed form, awarding from 20.12.1917, certificate according to military register (Stammrolle) written on 13. August 1919 by Abwicklungsamt der U.-Division (Clearing Office of the U-boat Division). Stamp: Kommando der Unterseebootsdivision, hand signature: Kapitänleutnant u. Vorstand. Dimensions: 20,5 x 14 cm, many folds, tears, one corner is missing.