Iron Cross 1939

EK2 award document to Iron Cross 2nd Class, 9th Army, 1942, signed by Walter Model

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EK2 Verleihungsurkunde, OU Generaloberst Walter Model

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Verleihungsurkunde: das Eiserne Kreuz 2. Klasse – award document to Iron Cross 2nd Class

Reference: to OEK 3824

A5 printed form with depiction of the EK, issued on 15.12.1942, for a solder from Grenadier-Regiment 312.

Original handwritten signature: Walter Model, Generaloberst, der Oberbefehlshaber der 9. Armee

Interesting citation, with hand signature by one of the most famuos army commanders in WW2 (later field marshal)

Very nice condition, center fold, no stains or holes.