Finland. 1918. Medal of the Liberation War, with Tampere & Wiipuri clasps, rosette

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Vapaussodan Muistomitali 1918, ja Tampere & Wiipuri soljella

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Vapaussodan Muistomitali 1918 – Medal of the Liberation War 1918

Instituted 1918 for participants in the Liberation War, fighting against the Finnish and Soviet Bolsheviks. Awarded to Soldiers of the Finnish Army, as well to German soldiers of the Baltic Division and foreign volunteers (Polish, Swedish, Estonian).

Reference: Tiainen 5.1L/N

On the ribbon two official battle clasps: Tampere & Wiipuri and the rose device

Back marked with S. & Co. for the swedish manufacturer Sporrong & Co., Stockholm.

Blackened iron (magentic), very nice condition, on the original old ribbon with two period clasps.