Finland. Liberty Cross 4th Class, Mourning Cross 1941

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apaudenristin ritarikunta, Sururisti kaatuneen omaiselle 1941

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Vapaudenristin ritarikunta, Sururisti kaatuneen omaiselle 1941- The Order of the Cross of Liberty, Mourning Cross

Order instituted on 4.3.1918 by Senat of the Republic, renewed 1939, and renewed again 1941. Cross 4th Class, Version with the Date 1941 on the back, awarded for the Countinuation War 1941-1945. On black mourning ribbon, awarded to next to kin of fallen soldiers (about 90.00 crosses awarded, in on class only)

Reference: Tiainen 1.3.25

Burnished iron, swastika nad rose silvered. Nice condition with some rust, on the old original mourning ribbon (some faded) with swords.