Finland. Liberty Medal 1st Class 1939 (silver)

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Vapaudenristin ritarikunta, 1. luokan Vaupadenmitali 1939 – The Order of the Cross of Liberty, Medal 1st Class (in Silver)

Order instituted on 4.3.1918 by Senat of the Republic, renewed 1939, and again 1941. Medal 1st Class, Version with the Date 1939 on the back, awarded for the Winter War (defence against the Soviet invasion 1939-1940. Due to inscriptions on the front (Urheudesta / För Tapperhet), called also Bravery Medal.

Reference: Tiainen 1.3.16

1st type, made of silver, with the round three.

Silver with old patina, very nice condition, on the old original ribbon.