Finland. Medal of the Winter War, 1939-1940, for Foreigners, bronze

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Talvisodan Muistomitali 1930-1940, Ulkomaalaisille pronssisena

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Talvisodan Muistomitali 1939-1940, Ulkomaalaisille pronssisena – Commemorative Medal of the Winter War, for Foreigners, in Bronze

Instituted on 2. August.1940 for the participants of the so called Winter War (Talvisota), defending Finland against Soviet invasion 1939-1940. Version for foreigners (diameter 34 mm, back: Finnish Lion). Bronze type was awarded to the foreign civilian perosons, which have supported Finland during the war. Only 1961 pieces of bronze medals for foreigners were awarded. Really scarce!

Reference: Tiainen 5.2.3a

Bronze, very nice condition, on original old ribbon.