Finland. Medal of the Winter War 1939-1940, with Taipale clasp

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Talvisodan Muistomitali 1939-1940, Taipale soljella

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Talvisodan Muistomitali 1939-1940, Taipale soljella – Commemorative Medal of the Winter War, with Taipale clasp

Instituted on 2. August.1940 for the participants of the so called Winter War (Talvisota), defending Finland against Soviet invasion 1939-1940. Basic version, awarded to the Finnish people. With the clasp Taipale  (Taipale peninsula was defensive position at the eastern end of the Mannerheim Line). There were 15 different offcial clasps issued.

Reference: Tiainen 5.2.1j

Burnished iron (magnetic), verz nice condition, on the original old ribbon, with nice patinated clasp and swords.