France. 1901. Medaille de Chine – China Expedition Medal

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Médaille commémorativedu de l’expédition de Chine (1900-1901)

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Item description

Médaille commémorativedu de l’expédition de Chine (1900-1901) – Medal for the China expedition (1900-1901)

Established April 15, 1902, awarded to officers, sailors and soldiers who participated in the French expedition to China in 1900 and 1901, as well as to French civilians who took part in the defense of the Beijing embassies during the so-called Boxer Rebellion.

Silver battle clasp on the ribbon 1900 CHINE 1901.

Design: Georges Lemaire (monogram on the back)

Manufacturer: Monnaie de Paris (Paris Mint), marked on the edge with the mint stamp (cornucopia) and the silver content mark ARGENT.

Silver with a excellent patina, outstanding condition, on the old original ribbon with period silver clasp.