Hungary. Tüzkereszt – Fire Cross 1st Class 1941, Mourning Cross

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Tüzkereszt – Fire Cross

Award instituted on November 24, 1941 by the Reich Administrator Miklos Horthy.

The Fire Cross was established as a successor to the Karl Troop Cross from the Empire time. Originally intended as a combatant’s award, it also functioned as a Wound Badge, Invalid Badge and Survivor’s Cross. The First Class Cross (with laurel wreath and swords) was awarded to people who had served in enemy territory for at least 12 weeks in the front line, as well as to wounded soldiers and relatives of fallen soldiers. When wounded, a wounded clasp was placed on the ribbon (made of nickel, 3 mm wide).

There are also numerous manufacturer variants that differ in material, design & details. On the back is the year of the foundation (1941, but there are also crosses with empty reverse), and on the lower cross arm in the front the date 1941, 1942 or 1943. Class II (without swords, for at least 6 years) were also awarded months service in enemy country, without front deployment) and III. class (without laurel wreath and without swords, for service at home).

Here the version, with 1941 on the back and 1941 on lower cross arm. 

Zinc with remaining bronze coating, very nice condition, on the original old ribbon. Black ribbon, for next to kin of fallen soldiers