Infantry Assault Badge

IAB Infantry Assault Badge, zinc, marked SHuCo 41

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Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen, Hst. Sohni, Heubach und Co., Oberstein

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Item description

Heer: Infanterie Sturmabzeichen – Infantry Assault Badge

Reference: OEK 3896, Weber 1.30.1

Wehrmacht Combat award form the Word War 2, established on 20.12.1939 by the Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres (Chief Commander of the Army) field marshall Walter von Brauchitsch. Awarded for participation in at least three assaults in the foremost frontline.

Badge marked on back with logo S.H.u.Co. 41 forSohni, Heubach und Co., Oberstein. Version with four veins in the upper right oakleaf.

Silvered solid zinc, silvering on face relatively good preserved. Very nice condition, no repairs or damages, pinset complete and working.