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Infantry Assault Badge, post card by Axster-Heudtlaß, 1941

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Serie “Im Kampf um die Freiheit”. Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen

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Item description

Commemorative post card from the series “Im Kampf um die Freiheit” (In the fight for freedom [sic!].

Two Wehrmacht soldiers on the left, in the backgroud a batlle scene. At the bottom depiction of Infanterie-Sturmabzeichen (Infantry Assault Badge).

Design: Werner von Axster-Heudtlaß, artist from the III: Reich period, designer of numerous postage stamps, propaganda postcards & posters.

Postally used: commemorative stamp to the Stamp Day 1941 with depiction of a submairne. Card with address, but back blank.

Period original card. Excellent unused condition.