Lippe (Detmold)

Lippe. Kriegs-Ehrenmedaille – War Honor Medal 1915

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Fürstentum Lippe (Detmold). Kriegs-Ehrenmedaille 1915

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Fürstentum Lippe (Detmold). Kriegs-Ehrenmedaille 1915 – Principality of Lippe. War Honor Medal 1915

Reference: OEK 1191

Decoration from the World War I., established on 25.10.1915 by the Prince Leopold IV. It was awarded to women and men who have rendered services to the Red Cross through faithful work in an employment relationship or in voluntary work, in particular the care of wounded and sick soldiers or other work for the Red Cross. Scarce, only 1708 pieces awarded.

Gilded bronze, very nice condition. On the original old ribbon.