Lippe (Detmold)

Lippe. War Merit Cross 1914, on non-combatant ribbon

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Fürstentum Lippe. Kriegsverdienstkreuz am Nichtkämpferband

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Fürstentum Lippe (Detmold). Kriegsverdienstkreuz 1914 am Nichtkämpferband – Principality of Lippe. War Merit Cross 1914 on non-combatant ribbon

Reference: OEK 1190/1

Decoration from the World War I., established on 8.12.1914 by the Prince Leopold IV. Cross on combatant ribbon was awarded to officers and soldiers of Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 55 as well Lippe citiziens served in other units. Here a piece on non-combatant ribbon, awarded to civil persons.

Gilded bronze, very nice condition. On original old ribbon.