Prussia. 1897. Emperor Wilhelm Memorial Medal (Centenary Medal)

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Kaiser Wilhelm I. Erinnerungsmedaille (Zentenarmedaille)

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Kaiser Wilhelm I. Erinnerungsmedaille (Zentenarmedaille) – Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Medal (Centenary Medal)

Reference: OEK 1965

Established on 22.3.1897 to the 100th birthday of Emperor Wilhelm I by his grandson, Wilhelm II. The draft of the medal was created by the famous sculptor Professor Walter Schott. The Centenary Medal was awarded to officers and soldiers who were at that time in active service in army, navy and colonial troops and retired officers and veterans of the wars 1864, 1866 and 1870-1871. So the Prussian state and university employees as well as the ladies of the Luisen-Order were entitled to receive.

Bronze, excellent condition, with nice patina, on the correct but new ribbon.