Prussia.Red Eagle Order 4th Class, Type awarded 1879-1918

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Preussen. Roter Adler Orden 4. Klasse

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Preussen. Roter Adler Orden 4. Klasse – Prussia. Red Eagle Order 4th Class

Reference: OEK 1704

Order instituted first time 12.6.1792 by the king Friedrich II. the Great. In 1810 king Friedrich Wilhelm III established the 2nd and 3rd Class, and since 1830 was also the 4th Class awarded. Here 4th type wit finegrained corss arms, produced 1879-1918. Cross without manufacturer’s mark, possibly made about the year 1890.

Silver with outstanding patina, enameled medallion excellent preserved. Very nice condition, on the origina old ribbon, taken form a medal bar.