Prussia. Two place medal bar: Cross Königgrätz 1866 & Medal of 1870/71 War

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Preussen. 2-teilige Ordensschnalle aus XIX. Jahrundert

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Prussian medal bar with the following decorations:

  • Erinnerungskreuz Königgrätz 1866 – Commemorative Cross of the Königgrätz Battle (Sadova)
  • Kriegsdenkmünze 1870/71 (für Kämpfer) – Commemorative Medal of 1870/71 War (for combatants)

Both decorations are awarded originals, medal for the Franco-Prussian War made of bronze from captured enemy canons: on the rim inscription AUS EROBERTEM GESCHÜTZ. At the medal loop possibly old soldered.

Nice condition with worn ribbons, some rust back, pinset complete and working.