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SA Sports Badge in Bronze, proficiency book with award certificate, 1940, Hauptsturmführer

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With it two card of the Hilfs-Kasse der NSDAP

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Item description

SA-Wehrabzeichen in Bronze, Leistungsbuch mit Urkunde – SA Sports Badge in Bronze, Proficiency Book with award certificate

Reference: to OEK 3636

Original Proficiency Book of  SA-Sport/Wehabzeichen with award certificate to Bronze grade and empty forms to higher grades. Awarding of 24.6.1940 for a SA-Hauptsturmführer (captain), at the end recording about participation in the course at the Reichsschule der SA in Dresden and awarding the examination right for the SA-Wehabzeichen.

The book also contains some other entries (see pictures). With it two cards of the Hilfs-Kasse (aid fund) der NSDAP (with stamps) to the same name, an some stamps unmounted.

The book complete, with photo and all pages. At the picture some rust marks of the hollow rivets, otherwise very good condition.