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Saxe-Meiningen. Duke Bernhard III. (1914-1918), in uniform & pickelhaube, used 1916

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Bernhard III. Letzter Herzog von Sachsen-Weimar-Meiningen

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Bernhard III. Herzog von Sachsen-Meiningen – Duke of Saxe-Meiningen

Original old postcard from the World War 1 period, with portrait of Bernhard III. (ruled 1914-1918), last duke of Saxe-Meiningen. Before taking office Bernhard was army leader, a.o. from 1896 to 1903 was Commanding General  VI. Army Corps in Breslau, from 1909 Generalfeldmarschall. On the photo the Duke is in uniform with coat and pickelhaube. A charity postcard (Wohlfahrstkarte) for the support of veterans of war.

Issued by: Reichsverband zur Unterstützung deutscher Veteranen E.V.

Postally used: 1916, stamp Germania 5 Pf.

Very good used condition