Schwarzburg-Sondershausen. Reign Jubilee Medal 1905 Karl Günther

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Regierungsjubiläumsmedaille 1905

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Fürstentüm Schwarzburg Sondershausen. Regierungsjubiläumsmedaille 1905 – Principality of Schwarzburg Sondershausen. Reign Jubilee Medal 1905

Reference: OEK 2820

Decoration established 17.7.1905 by the prince Karl Günther to 35th Anniversary of His accesion. Awarded to meritous citizens of the Principality, a.o. state & court officials, mayors senior officials at the fire brigades and railway, as well as officers and NCOs of the 3rd Thuringian Infantry Regiment No. 71.

Silver with nice patina, very nice condition. On original worn ribbon.