Republic 1919-1933

Silesian Eagle (Schlesisches Bewährungsabzeichen) 1st Class, enameled

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Schlesisches Bewährungsabzeichen (Schlesischer Adler) 1. Stufe

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Schlesisches Bewährungsabzeichen (Schlesischer Adler) 1. Stufe – Silesian Probation Badge (Sielsian Eagle) 1st Class

Reference: OEk 3299

Freikorps badge for fighting against the Polish insurgents in Silesia 1919-1921. Instituted on 16.6.1919 by the Generalkommando IV. Armeekorps in two classes: 1st Class for six months of service, and 2nd Class for three months. At the begining an unofficial decoration, in 1934 accepted as state award.

Silvered metal, enameled, riveted applications. Very nice condition, with intact enamel, pin set complete and working.