Spanish Blue Division Medal

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Erinnerungsmedaille für die spanischen Freiwilligen in der Wehrmacht

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Erinnerungsmedaille für die Spanischen Freiwilligen im Kampf gegen den Bolschewismus – Commemorative Medal for Spanish Volunteers in the Struggle Against Bolshevism

Medale for the spanish Soldiers in the Wehrmacht, who served 1941-1943 on the Russian Front. Instituted on 3.01.1944 by Oberkommando der Wehrmacht. Awarded to the men of 250. Infanterie Division, also called Blaue Division (Blue Division, in Spanish: Division Espanola de Voluntarios en Russia).

Reference: OEK 4069

Gilded zinc, very nice condition. Different as the other pieces available in the collector’s market, this medal hat almost complete Gilding (this is late war bronze wash). Original medal, on rght ribbon (ribbon is newer, postwar manufacturiong). Maker: Deschler & Sohn, München (not marked)