Wound Badge 1918

VWA 1918 Gold Wound Badge, cut out type

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Goldenes Verwundetenabzeichen, I. Weltkrieg, durchbrochene Ausführung

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Item description

Verwundetenabzeichen in Mattgelb (Gold) – Gold Wound Badge

Reference: OEK 3291/1

First World War type, instututed on 3.3.1918 by Emperor Wilhelm II. Wound Badge in Gold (mattgelb) was awarded for five or more wounds. Awarded 1918-1936.

Cut out manufacturing (in German: durchbrochen), seldom offered in Gold grade. Version with flate wide pin, possibly form the late awarding perdiod (1930s).

Gilded bronze, gilt on face almost gone, but on the back excellent presereved. Pinset complete and working.