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VWA 1939 Silver Wound Badge, 1. Type (Schickle)

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Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber, 1939, 1. type

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Verwundetenabzeichen in Silber – Silver Wound Badge

Reference: OEK 3843/2

Instututed on 22.5.1939 for German volunteers in Spanish Civil War, but this type was also awarded at the begining of World War 2, as a new VWA instituted on 1. Spetmeber 1939. Wound Badge in Silver was awarded for three or four wounds.

Hollow brass (non magentic), silvered. Pinset complete and working, badge in very nice condition. No makers mark, but a known variant (swastika on a footing), attributed to the manufacturer Otto Schickle