Buyers from all countries fo the world are welcomed. We ship by registred priority (air) mail mainly. Today is a good tracking service for those shimpents already available: on the website of Polish Post (Poczta Polska) and/or on the Websites of your national postal companies. Right shipping costs in your shopping cart will be shown after you choice destination country.

Due to limited air transportation during Covid-19 epidemic, Global Express and EMS services are not available.
But now we have contract with UPS parcel service, a 2 kg parcel costs 7,00 ro 18,00 euro, depending form your location. For more details please see INFO page.

Shipping fees:
Registred priority / air mail (worldwide): 5,00 EUR
Postal parcel (EU countries only): 15,00 EUR
UPS parcel: depending form you location. See INFO page.

Other shipping forms: please ask (availibilty denpendig from country). Shipping costs inside of Poland: please see the Polish version.